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Magnesium for Sleep

7 Reasons Why Magnesium is Good for Sleep, Anxiety, and Stress

You'll agree with me when  I say, many individuals suffer from anxiety and stress these days. However, it is an unfortunate fact that health care practitioners often overlook natural remedies and immediately recommend drugs that can be dangerous and habit-forming when used long-term. Fortunately, correcting vitamin imbalances through diet and adding specific supplements to one's overall health care plan can sometimes reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia, or eliminate them entirely. The advantage of natural supplements is that they not only relieve symptoms, but they cause no side effects, no dependency, and do not impact a person's ability to learn essential coping strategies, which are also helpful if one is to function without debilitating stress and anxiety. [toc] What is Magnesium Good For? Magnesium, a not-so common mineral, was once abundant in...