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Nootropics by the Numbers in 2018: Statistics, Clinical Research, Demographics, & Market Size

[toc] Nootropics, also known as smart drugs, were created to improve cognitive functions in those who utilize them. They fall under the more broadened category of PIED or performance and image enhancing drugs. PIED drugs are used to increase performance in a number of things including: Cognition Memory Athletic performance Sexual performance These class of drugs can be sold in supplement form or through prescription under a variety of names and manufacturers, While many of the supplement forms combine a number of vitamins and herbs, the primary ingredient in nootropics that helps create improved function are the stimulants contained in them such as caffeine. The Science Behind Nootropics The goal of nootropics was to target a nutritional or metabolic aspect of brain function as it pertains to attention and memory....

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9 Brain Exercises that are Guaranteed to Supercharge your Mind

Brain Exercises to Supercharge Your Mind Almost everyone would agree that muscle mass decreases over time. This is especially true for individuals who rarely exercise. However, it comes as a surprise to many individuals that the human brain can also atrophy as time goes on if it is not given proper stimulation. In specific, the brain's cognitive reserve diminishes throughout time. The term "cognitive reserve" refers to the brain's ability to withstand the side effects of neurological damage, the latter of which is a part of the aging process.[toc] Symptoms of Cognitive Decline There is a broad range of symptoms associated with age-related cognitive decline. Many people accept the following symptoms as normal and do not look for a solution: Visibly longer time needed to communicate thoughts or...

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Three Essential Brain Vitamins for a Sharp Memory

With regard to memory, certain vitamins are extremely important and even mild deficiencies can cause symptoms such as forgetfulness and lack of concentration. Even those who attempt to follow a healthy diet may find that other factors sabotage their vitamin absorption, and these include the use of caffeine, tobacco or alcohol, as well as stress, environmental factors, and digestive issues. Below are three of the most important vitamins for a healthy memory and why it may be wise to invest in supplements: [toc]   Vitamin-C: The Superstar Nutrient Vitamin C is an all-time favorite of consumers and a superstar of vitamins. Indeed, it offers an impressive number of benefits to the human body, such as reducing the symptoms of the common cold, lessening the effect of allergies, and...

Magnesium for Sleep

7 Reasons Why Magnesium is Good for Sleep, Anxiety, and Stress

You'll agree with me when  I say, many individuals suffer from anxiety and stress these days. However, it is an unfortunate fact that health care practitioners often overlook natural remedies and immediately recommend drugs that can be dangerous and habit-forming when used long-term. Fortunately, correcting vitamin imbalances through diet and adding specific supplements to one's overall health care plan can sometimes reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia, or eliminate them entirely. The advantage of natural supplements is that they not only relieve symptoms, but they cause no side effects, no dependency, and do not impact a person's ability to learn essential coping strategies, which are also helpful if one is to function without debilitating stress and anxiety. [toc] What is Magnesium Good For? Magnesium, a not-so common mineral, was once abundant in...