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At MindYourZen, we respect the privacy of all customers and visitors to our website. Please understand that your visit to this website is subject to the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy as stated below. If you have any questions about the MindYourZen Privacy Policy, please contact our customer service team before using the website any further.

Information Collection on Our Website

The only time that MindYourZen collects any personal information that is attributable to you is when you specifically give us permission to do so and provide that personal information yourself. We do not collect personal information of visitors to our website without prior consent. Your online privacy is a serious concern to the team at MindYourZen.

In the event that you do submit personal information to us, you are consenting to our use of that information for the agreed upon purpose. For instance, if you submit any survey on our website, you are agreeing to the submission of any personal information you provide for use by MindYourZen according to the stated purpose. We reserve the right to use such information as described. If you do not want MindYourZen to have access to any personal information attributable to you, please do not provide any such information to us through our website. The best way to make sure that your personal information is not collected is not to provide it in the first place.

If you receive and open an email from MindYourZen ([email protected]) at the email address you provide to us, you may release pixel tags, which contain information about the type of Internet browser to use in order to open our email or access our website. If you have previously provided personal information that is attributable to you to us, we may combine that information with the information we are able to obtain through pixel tags to have a better understanding of how you choose to interact with our website. By receiving emails from MindYourZen ([email protected]) and volunteering personal information expressly to us, you are consenting to our use of this data in combination to assist with our analysis of business and customer trends related to our website and products.

If we receive any information from you or collect any information about customer and visitor trends in using our website, we reserve the right to share this information with any partners, affiliates or third parties as we deem fit. At our discretion, we may share any information that is not attributable to any one individual with our partners, affiliates or third partners in the manner we deem appropriate.

Use of Cookies

Cookies help to provide information about how visitors to our website interact with it and what their personal browsing preferences are. Cookies help to personalize your online experience with our website. Our website does provide for the use of cookies in tracking data associated with the use of our site. Cookies are stored on the hard drive of your computer until you choose to remove them. You have the option of turning off cookies through your browser before using the MindYourZen website. If you choose to do so, there may be some aspects of the site that are not accessible to you.

If you choose to click on any links provided on your website, you may also be subject to the use of cookies from those sites. MindYourZen does not control the privacy policies of those sites and is not responsible for any data that is collected by those third parties or the use of cookies by any of those affiliates or third party links.

If MindYourZen collects any data from visitors to its website through the use of cookies, that data will not be used in combination with personal information that is attributable to an individual without notifying the individual prior to use by MindYourZen. This may include individual IP addresses, which are used by MindYourZen to track and analyze trends associated with the use of its website by visitors and customers. Your IP address will never be used in direct connection with your personal information or data disclosed to MindYourZen without a form of notification from MindYourZen in advance.

Compliance with Legal Regulations or Court Orders

If MindYourZen is required to release information in order to comply with a court order or any other obligation under the law, we may disclose any such information pursuant to the appropriate request. These disclosures may be made without any notification to comply with all laws.

Changes and Updates to the Privacy Policy

The terms and conditions of the MindYourZen Privacy Policy are subject to change without notice to our customers and visitors to our website. Because of the need to update these terms on a regular basis, MindYourZen will not provide notifications of every change in our Privacy Policy. In light of this, we recommend that any visitor to our website review these terms and conditions on a periodic basis for any updates or changes. We strive to make all of our customer and visitor experiences pleasant and as secure as possible, so we modify our policies as needed.

Links to Other Websites

The policies of MindYourZen, including this Privacy Policy, are not applicable to any links provided on the MindYourZen website. The information provided through any third party or links on the MindYourZen website is not the property of MindYourZen. Any information you provide to those other parties may not be subject to privacy protections.