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how to reduce brain fog

Brain Fog Explained: Causes, Symptoms, and Natural Remedies

The term brain fog covers a vast array of troublesome symptoms. Although not necessarily recognized as a disorder by the medical community, it is a fairly common malady. Some of the symptoms of brain fog include the following: Confusion Trouble focusing Forgetfulness Cognitive fatigue Lack of mental clarity Memory loss When you feel unfocused and foggy, and simply cannot make yourself think, your brain is sending a vital message to you that your life has an imbalance that must be addressed. Fortunately, although brain fog comes from a virtually limitless number of sources, it usually falls into one of two main categories: side effects of a medication or medical condition, or a lifestyle that is working against you.[toc] Oxidative Stress and Inflammation Simply put, brain fog is caused...

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Top 10 Brain Supplements For Healthy Active Mind

Studies completed in the field of healthcare have indicated that using appropriate supplements can help virtually anyone enjoy enhanced brain function, as well as protect against future cognitive decline. Nevertheless, due to the broad range of supplements available, choosing the best one can be a daunting endeavor. There are hundreds of individual formulas from which to choose, featuring a variety of nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, nootropic substances, amino acids, and herbs. There are also thousands of products that feature multiple ingredients. For this reason, finding the best formula essentially depends on the exact benefits for which one is looking. Below are some of the top supplements for brain health, and each one serves a specific purpose: [toc] 1. Citicoline Citicoline works as a potent brain protector,...