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These Terms & Conditions are a legally binding agreement between you and MindYourZen and supersede any other agreement between you and MindYourZen or any affiliate of MindYourZen. By accessing the content on the website of MindYourZen or purchasing any products from MindYourZen, customer understands that they are subject to these Terms & Conditions.

If you have any questions about the Terms & Conditions for our website, please contact our customer service team directly.

1. Prices

The prices of the products listed on our website may not include sales tax or delivery charges for shipping. Products are purchased through Amazon and are subject to the Amazon Terms and Conditions of sale and delivery as available through Amazon.com. If you have questions about the price of the product prior to purchase, please contact our customer service team before purchasing.

2. Delivery

Delivery of products is subject to the Amazon Terms and Conditions. MindYourZen may use a third party shipper to deliver your products. While we strive to deliver all products in a timely manner, MindYourZen is not responsible for delivery delays caused by third party shippers. If you have questions about the delivery status of your order, you can check the status through Amazon or call our customer service team.

Although we do our best to fulfill every order, some products may not be available within the specified delivery time. In the event of this, we contact the customer directly to arrange for an alternate delivery date or exchange the product for another product available from MindYourZen. If MindYourZen is unable to secure delivery of the original product within the original time frame, the customer has an option of requesting a full refund of the product, including the cost of shipping and handling.

3. Returns and Refunds

Please refer to the information available in our Refund and Return Policy. We hope that every customer is satisfied with their order from MindYourZen. In the event that you would like to request a refund of your purchase, all refunds must be requested and fulfilled through the Amazon Return and Refund Policy. Failure to follow the requirements and instructions provided through the Amazon Refund and Return Policy could result in your refund request not being processed. If you have any questions about how to return an unopened and unused product within 14 days of purchase, please contact our customer service team directly. You may be responsible for paying any shipping and handling costs associated with returning items purchased from MindYourZen through Amazon.

4. Privacy Terms

Please read the terms of our Privacy Policy regarding any information submitted by you on the MindYourZen website.

5. Other Links

Any external links accessed through the MindYourZen website are not the property of MindYourZen. MindYourZen is not responsible for the accuracy of any information contained in any links on its website. Any questions about the contents of the information provided in external links on the MindYourZen website should be directed to the owners of those websites and not MindYourZen.

6. Disclaimer

MindYourZen disclaims all warranties and representations, whether express or implied, contained anywhere on this website. MindYourZen does not make any representations as to the information or content posted on this website.

MindYourZen is not responsible for any damages caused by any of the information accessed on its website or any of the products sold on its website. MindYourZen is not liable for any damages, including direct, indirect, consequential or punitive, arising from the use of its website or its products.

Please read the terms of our Disclaimer regarding the supplements sold through MindYourZen.

7. Copyright and Trademark

You acknowledge that all of the contents of the MindYourZen website are the property of MindYourZen and are subject to U.S. and international copyright and trademark laws. Any unauthorized use of any content from the MindYourZen website will be subject to damages under the appropriate U.S. and international intellectual property laws. Any reproduction or modification of the content of MindYourZen without advance written permission from MindYourZen is strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted.

8. Termination of Use

MindYourZen reserves the right to terminate access by any user to its website for any reason. Any customer who violates the Terms & Conditions of MindYourZen may be prohibited from accessing the site or placing any orders with MindYourZen.

9. Applicable Law

All disputes arising out of any purchase or conflict between customers and MindYourZen are subject to any appropriate jurisdiction within the courts of the U.S. This agreement is subject to U.S. law. Before initiating any lawsuits in connection with this agreement, the customer agrees to notify MindYourZen at least 30 days in advance in writing. MindYourZen reserves the right to demand arbitration of any disputes arising out of these Terms & Conditions in any appropriate venue in the U.S.

10. Children Under 18

If you are under the age of 18, you must have the permission of a parent or guardian to access the content of this website or purchase any of the products sold by MindYourZen.